Reinhold Kusche


An illusory, everyday occurrence came to an epiphany, the key

to unlocking a whole new universe of knowledge for Reinhold

Kusche. Of course, so far, it was nothing we have not seen a

million times in the world. We believe that many human beings

have already experienced the following anecdote. When, in

spring 2008, his heart seems to be wide open Reinhold Kusche

perceived the higher realities in the world around him, and in

the universe. In the beginning of his spiritual search has asked

for answers over and over again.

On that day Reinhold Kusche was sitting in a café at the edge

of the road in the heart of Straubing. He wanted to relax after a

busy working day. In the close circle of a friend and her

children they enjoyed the entertaining atmosphere in the early

evening. Remarkably enough, there was an unexpectedly large

gap between the tables positioned along the roadsides. The

main street winded it's way through the city. The uneven

asphalt glistened and gleamed in the last rays of sunshine.

If only for a brief moment, Mr Kusche had simply left his seat

to fetch some sugar sachets - served in coffee houses.

Meanwhile Katharina - the friend`s daughter - used the

unobserved moment to prepare
a prank on Reinhold.

After he had turned back he found plenty of emptied sugar

sachets. They lay wildly scattered over a large area on the tray.

But at this sight Mr Kusche thought nothing special – he

always preferred his coffee unsweetened. He took a seat again

and grasped at the cup of coffee. The freshly brewed coffee

blended from premium beans imparted a feeling of melancholy.

Mr Kusche raised the cup to the mouth and sipped it. Small

clouds of steam floated above the hot drink. Suddenly

Katharina`s voice traveled into Mr. Kusche`s ears: »Don`t you realize anything?«, she

smiled brightly with an innocent expression.

»I`ve added some sugar into your coffee«, Katharina said with a mischievous smile.

While talking all these words the first sip of coffee sensitized his taste buds … Mr

Kusche looked disgusted. He fiercely put the cup on the table and he was quite appalled

at this campaign. ›Have you really taken leave of your senses?«, he said reproachfully to

Katharina. Mr Kusche stared helplessly into the faces of the people. His head being

slightly turned to the left, he looked at Katharina out of the corners of his eyes. At this

very moment Katharina gave her mother conspiratorially a wink.

»I was only joking«, she said mellifluously but the sardonic laughter was a sinister omen!

»I only have added some sugar crystals into your coffee. However now, he could still see

the crystals slightly melted at the bottom of the cup.

Mr Kusche`s sense of relief was clearly visible. But in the next moment he wondered:

›But how is it possible that the coffee has tasted extremely sugary - although it was not


There he was sitting on the chair with his chin in his hands. He raised sceptically his

eyebrows and he was mulling over new concepts.

»What are you thinking about?«, the Katharina`s mother asked with astonishment.

Suddenly he was painfully aware of the magic and the illusion he had experienced. His

faith could move mountains and change realities. Only his belief that he has drunk a

sugar-sweetened beverage tended him to suggest that the coffee tasted like honey. ›Has

he been mistaken?‹, he looked contemplatively. Then Mr Kusche had a hunch. ›My very

own thoughts are responsible for my emotions and I`m creating all these sentiments - it

must be the truth! On the other hand how could it be possible that I have experienced

this unmistakeable taste sensation?‹ He thanked Katharina from the bottom of his heart.

During the night became restless and impatient because many questions animated him

which kept him thinking until the wee hours of the night. He was absorbed in thoughts.

Mr Kusche directed his gaze into the past as he observed situations taking place in

various regions of the world and in a variety of situations with various goals. He

shuddered at images of childhood memories ' suffering because the history revivified in a

special way as if they happened yesterday.

He saw himself as the victim - until that date this was his most successful acting role.

Everyone was responsible for his emotions – apart from himself. But now Mr Kusche

became aware of a new idea.  

I am the creator of my own world of feeling.
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