Reinhold Kusche

author and ghostwriter

who works by focusing on specific issues: the eternal and true

meaning and purpose of earthly existence, self-determination

and self-fulfilment, personal growth, psychological growth and 

the inner and outer peace.

a little journey

Just imagine you make yourself comfortable in a sea of flowers,

which fairies created situated at the foot of a mountain. After a

rainfall, the blades of grass rise and whole landscapes change

their colour while the wind buffet with a smooth sound. You

can breathe deeply and get high on the vastness of the

landscape. The large yellow flowers exhalation a serious

beguilingly floral and sweet scent, which is automatically

concepts such as relaxation and serenity.

After you have extensively relaxed and reinvigorated in the

nature, get out there, and head into the interior on your own

spiritual way. In this way you can quickly and elegantly observe

the peaks of the mountain from a bird's-eye view while you feel

flying through the air like a feather! You will walk on paths

bordered with small hedges, bushes and trees and lush

mulberry-trees whose leaves silkworms feed on, are hardly any

longer to be seen.

Ferns stay between the simply constructed mosses covered with

beautiful, extremely light blue coloured broad soft leaves. The

lush green fronds are taking a bath in the sunlight. Quietly gurgling streams, which

contrast with gushing rivers all depict an image of nature which couldn't be more

beautiful or healthy. Relax, let the warm sand tickle your soles in the sweet summer sun,

and watch the light puffs of cloud passing by. ...

The bestseller Clara`s long journey to the Isles of Scilly is now

also available in English.

You are able to reach the summit cross with pride. The tip of

the cross seems to touch the sky. You intend to sit down on a boulder in order to

mobilise all your forces for the descent when you eyes catch a small inconspicuous key.

You only recognize it because of the shimmering light reflections. You curiously bend

forward and touch the key bit with your fingertips. Suddenly the thick cloud cover reveals

a silk-clad door made of a myriad of stars that evokes wings of an angel. You don`t know

why it actually happens. But deep in your heart you appreciate and trust: Behind the gate

of the sky you will find all the answers you have been looking for since the beginning of


By the way I cannot give answers to all your questions - it would be presumptuous - but

I can present all the answers which I have found along the way during my hike through

the life. Maybe some of these findings are in your long-term interest. We invite you to

read Clara`s story and we are sure that even in your innermost nature you will find an

abundance of undreamed-of treasures.
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